Debs Speak Loudly

(in the eloquent words of L.K. Madigan)

My darling Debs have banded together in DebSolidarity to support one of our members, Sarah Ockler. Sarah is the author of TWENTY BOY SUMMER, a beautifully written YA novel about love and grief and friendship. Last week a concerned parent in Missouri exercised his right to free speech when he accused Sarah’s book, and Laurie Halse Anderson’s SPEAK (one of the most important YA novels ever written) of being “soft pornography,” and thus inappropriate for high school English classes. He also attacked Kurt Vonnegut’s SLAUGHTERHOUSE 5 for its profane language.

This man has every right to his opinion; he does NOT, however, have the right to demand these books be removed from libraries. Oddly, this person (I’m not even going to use his name – I don’t want to give him any more press) homeschools his own children. I guess he’s not content with setting the curriculum for his own kids … he would like to dictate to the public schools.

The Debs have committed to mailing out 38 copies of Sarah’s book to celebrate the freedom to read. Winners will be selected October 2. Go here to read more, and enter to win a copy. And when someone challenges your right to read any book you like? SPEAK LOUDLY.


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  1. That’s great you are banding together. That’s outrageous they are banning these books. Glad so many people are outraged.

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