Looking for a crit partner?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a writer is, “How do you find people to read and give you feedback on your writing?” And definitely finding someone who’s going to give you a helpful perspective on your stories and whose stories you’ll also want to read and have useful things to say about can seem like a difficult proposition.

Thankfully, awesome people like the bloggers over at Let The Words Flow want to help you solve that problem! If you’re an aspiring (or established, for that matter) author who’s looking for crit partners, check out their post here to help you find a good match.

I can say without hesitation that I’d never have gotten anywhere near as far as I have with my writing career if it wasn’t for my wonderful critiquers. I hope you find one (or more!) who’ll be equally wonderful for you! 🙂


Looking for a crit partner? — 3 Comments

  1. Great advice. I don’t have enough perspective without a critique group. Here’s a related question. I’ve seen in acknowledgments at the end of books & on blogs how an unpublished author gets advice/critiques from a published writer that helps them to move toward being published themselves. How does that happen?

    • It can happen a few ways. Often unpublished writers become friends and critique partners, and then some get published sooner than others. I have writer friends I exchange crits with who haven’t published books yet, but we’ve been friends since way back. Sometimes a published writer makes a connection with another writer who hasn’t published yet, either through friendship or admiration of writing that’s been shared, and so offers feedback on their work. And sometimes published authors purposely seek out unpublished writers they think show promise, because they want to give back to the writing community by mentoring others. They may offer critiques through their blogs or website or as part of a conference, paid or free or for charity, for ex.

      Most of those things just happen spontaneously, by being part of the writing community and getting to know others. 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing this. I think it’s great when published writers help those of us who aren’t. And you’re right, many are generous with their time and offer critiques for contests and charities.

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