Reader Question: Food!

What is your absolute favorite cooking style? As in Mexican, Asian, Italian…

Probably sounds like an easy question, but for me it’s actually hard. I love food. I love many different kinds of food. I can’t conceive of only eating one type of food for the rest of my life. Even if it was one I really liked, I would be so sad about losing out on the rest!

If I’m on my own, I usually get Thai, because Chris doesn’t like it all that much, so that’s about the only time I can. Green mango salad, phad thai, green curry chicken = yum!

When Chris and I eat out, we usually pick something we’d have a lot of trouble making at home. Indian’s a big fave, along with Chinese, Vietnamese, and Ethiopian.

I also adore Italian pasta and pizza, though our Italy trip kind of spoiled us. Nothing tastes quite as good here as it did there!

Now I’m hungry…


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  1. There’s a new pizza place called Queen Margarita at Greenwood and Queen, it’s so good you should check it out.

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