Reader Question: GHOST as a movie

(I’ll be answering one or more of the questions from the March giveaway each week, in approximately the order they were asked. 🙂 )

If Give Up The Ghost was being made into a movie, who would you cast as the main characters?

If we were going to do this my ideal way, time travel would have to be possible. Because the actress I think would fit Cass the best is probably too old to convincingly play a 16-year-old now. I suspect Thora Birch, circa AMERICAN BEAUTY, would have been just about perfect:

And I could see Hayden Panettiere making a good Paige:

I still haven’t come across an actor who fits my mental image of Tim. The closest I’ve gotten is the guy in the stock photos I used in the book trailer.

Maybe you all have a better idea. Who would you cast as Tim?


Reader Question: GHOST as a movie — 2 Comments

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