Flashback: Flirting

April 26, 1997 (Megan is 16)

It’s funny how everything seems different at night. People are different, act differently than they usually would, at least in school. Perhaps that is why so many people like to go out to parties in the hopes of “meeting someone.”

What I am getting at is having to do with the play (THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST) which L and I went to see at the school yesterday night. The play itself was quite good, well acted and humorous, but that is not what I want to talk about. What I do want to talk about is a certain guy (names will be omitted for reasons for uncertainty of affections)* whom I talked to there.

Now, I should mention that I have noticed this particular gentleman previous to this occasion. I can’t remember why exactly, but a couple of times in the last few weeks, he talked to me in a way I interpreted as, possibly, somewhat flirtatious. Of course, I did not and am not considering this idea particularly seriously, as I am rather prone to noticing these kinds of things for no reason except my sadly deluded brain.

In any case, I arrived at the school early and was waiting for L. He and X (who L and I used to eat lunch with) were selling tickets nearby. X saw me and waved and he looked over and probably said hello or something and was telling me how the stage crew (which they’re part of) was the best part of the show, and we (L and I) should watch for him, and stuff like that. During the play, between the scenes, we did see him the one time, and he was looking at us, so I grinned and L waved.

After the play, L and I were sitting in the atrium, waiting for her father. He (not her father, but the guy) came over, sat down next to me, and was talking to us a bit. Then he got up and was kicking this bottle cap around, which soon evolved into a game of cap hockey between him and L & me. This went on for several minutes until L and I had to leave. It all seemed rather weird, because I was a little tired and a little hyper, and otherwise I likely would have been more restrained–which is not a good thing.

I know this is not to be taken seriously. The only reason I noticed was because until a few weeks ago I can’t remember when he’d spoken to me, let alone in a particularly friendly way. I don’t even know if I like him at all; I’ve never really talked to him.

*This was the person referred to in The Cast as J; I refrained from naming him in my journal for a while but in all other entries after this that I post that mention him I’ll just use J, for reasons of avoiding confusion. 🙂

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