Planning the online launch party

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be able to hold an online launch party for The Worlds We Make on its release date, February 11th. To make sure it’s as enjoyable as possible for you all, I’d like to know what would work best for you! So if you want to join in, please take a moment to vote in the polls below.

In the evening of Feb 11th, I’ll devote an hour to chatting with readers about the trilogy, answering any questions you have, and offering a bunch of signed copies of the books in giveaways. What I’d like to know is what time is best for you, and where you’d most like the chat to take place. I’ll try to accommodate as many people as possible! And if you have ideas I haven’t mentioned, just let me know. :)

Online launch party poll
What time is it easiest for you to join in the party on Feb 11?


Online launch party poll 2
Where would you prefer the chat/discussion to take place?

Looking forward to hanging out with you all (virtually) next Tuesday!

Baby and book launches

It’s been quiet on the blog for the last little while, for good reason. I’ve spent the last two weeks very focused on this handsome gentleman…

Thankfully the little guy has so far been pretty easygoing, as babies go, from what I’ve been given to understand. ;) So I’m going to be able to have launch parties for my other new arrival both online and off!

The online launch for The Worlds We Make will be on the release day, February 11th (next Tuesday). More details and requests for preferences coming tomorrow!

The in person launch will be taking place in early March in Toronto, details coming as they’re available.

The Fallen World Street Team giveaway begins!

With the release of The Worlds We Make just five weeks away, and The Lives We Lost out in paperback next week, it’s time for some street team action! And action, of course, must be rewarded. :)

If you are already a member of the Fallen World street team, you should have received an email with your list of tasks. (If you haven’t, please let me know.) If you aren’t a member but would like to join in, sign up below and I’ll send you the task list ASAP. Readers from all around the world are welcome.

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Like last year, all street team members who participate even a little will receive a street team swag pack with a signed bookmark, bookplate, and a magnet, as well as getting their name in the thank you list on my website (unless you’d prefer not to):

Completing street team tasks will also earn you points toward this year’s big prize packs. The street team members who earn the most points will automatically win a prize pack, and one additional winner will be chosen by random draw (one entry per point earned), so everyone has a chance! What’s up for grabs?

-Signed hardcover of The Worlds We Make, with five notes (different in each copy) giving background about what’s going on in the story, info on why I made the choices I did, or other behind the scenes secrets.
-Your choice of any three from: Signed hardcover or paperback of The Way We Fall, signed hardcover or paperback of The Lives We Lost, signed hardcover or paperback of Give Up the Ghost, any novel off of Megan’s “After you read The Way We Fall” list.
-A $10 iTunes giftcard you can use to buy songs from the unofficial soundtracks, or any other music to keep you going on long journeys. (not pictured–ecard)
-A $10 Amazon gift card to support your other reading. (not pictured–ecard)
-A The Way We Fall journal and pen.
-A bottle of Fallen World hand sanitizer.
-The first chapter of Megan’s next book, the first in the Earth & Sky trilogy. (not pictured)

In addition, the three prize pack winners will get to chose two items from the following prize pile (only one of each item pictured):

-Three CD audiobooks for The Lives We Lost
-Three Fallen World T-shirts (available sizes: Small, Medium, and 2XL)
-A Fallen World water bottle
-Four foreign editions of The Way We Fall (available: Australian (English), Hungarian, Spanish x 2)

Ready to get started? Jump right in! The street team giveaway is on-going until March 18th, so you have lots of time to earn those points.

Another year ending

Along with many wonderful experiences, from seeing the second book in my first trilogy published to returning to Japan to hanging out with so many awesome writer friends on three different retreats, 2013 brought one large and rather visible change into my life…

(Taken just a few minutes ago)

And 2014 is shaping up to be the most exciting year yet. Not only is our little boy going to be joining us sometime in the next few weeks, but this will also be the first year I have not one, but two books going out into the world (the final book in the Fallen World trilogy and the first book in the Earth & Sky trilogy). So in a way I’ll have three new children. ;)

I hope you all enjoyed your year as much as I have mine, and wish you the best going into the next!

Truth and fear

The husband and I recently watched the first season of the excellent BBC show The Hour. There’s an exchange in one of the early episodes that’s stuck with me, so I thought it worth sharing.

The set-up: A reporter and a presenter for a fledgling news program are meeting with a foreign diplomat on the other side of a major political conflict, hoping to convince him to be interviewed on the show. The presenter, as is his style, tries to reassure and charm the diplomat. The reporter, as is his style, cuts right to the chase with the sort of pointed remarks they all know the British public is wondering. The presenter tries to quiet him, but the diplomat ultimately agrees to come on the show because of the reporter’s honesty.

Afterward, the presenter says to the reporter, “How do you know exactly the right question to ask?”

The reporter replies, “Because I’m not afraid of the answers.”

And isn’t that the essence of getting at the truth (not facts, but truth, which every good work of fiction has) in all art forms? To write a powerful story, one that grabs people and doesn’t let them go, you need the courage to ask the right questions and hear out the answers.

Something I hope to remember as long as I’m in this business.

Are there any quotes relating to the creative process that have stuck with you lately?

Read The Worlds We Make early!

The Worlds We Make is out in just a couple months now, and I haven’t been able to offer advance copies so far because Hyperion likes to keep their final trilogy books closely under wraps. :) But I’ve just gotten the go-ahead to offer a very special giveaway! One reader will get an e-galley of The Worlds We Make, to read before just about anyone else gets their hands on the book.

How to enter

Do any (and as many as you want) of the activities in the Rafflecopter giveaway below. Please read the instructions for each! And keep in mind that posts to Twitter, blog, and other social media accounts set up only for contest entries do not qualify.

Any restrictions?

The giveaway is open to everyone in the world. Yay! But you will need to sign up for a (free!) NetGalley account to access the e-galley if you win, and be able to read e-book files on your computer or an e-book device.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Any questions? Just ask in the comments.

The Lives We Lost Paperback GoodReads Giveaway

Want to get your hands on the paperback edition of The Lives We Lost? My publisher is contributing 15 copies to a GoodReads giveaway! Open to US and Canada, just use the widget below to enter. :) Happy holidays!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Lives We Lost by Megan Crewe

The Lives We Lost

by Megan Crewe

Giveaway ends January 01, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Just a friendly street team reminder… :)

To my great delight, the Fallen World trilogy has picked up new fans this year. So I wanted to give you all a heads up, in case you hadn’t come across this earlier, about the Fallen World Street Team. My street teamers carried out various activities to spread the word about the books around the release of The Lives We Lost, and in doing so earned street team packs and a chance at a big prize pack including signed books, swag, gift cards, etc.

We’re going to be doing it again for the release of The Worlds We Make, and newcomers are welcome to join in! Even a little participation earns you a Fallen World swag pack. You can read more about the street team here, and sign up by entering your email there or below:

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Important Note for new and existing street team members: Some email providers (e.g., Gmail) have started sorting mailing list emails into a separate folder that you may not see. If you’re an existing street team member and think you may be missing the emails (you should have gotten one in September and one in October), or if you’re a new member and you want to make sure you don’t miss any, adding the address to your contacts list should help.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or e-mail me. Hope to see a few new names when we get started up again!