Where I was last week…

This past week, my in-person critique group fled the city on our annual writing retreat. This year, we stayed in this lovely cottage just south of Tobermory on Lake Huron:

We had a gorgeous view of the lake from the deck:

And it got warm enough one day that a few of us even ventured into the (rather chilly) water. :) We also got to witness some beautiful sunsets, like the following:

And as per tradition, on the last day everyone was present, we took a group photo down by the water. It was rather windy, as you might notice. And I ended up looking about half a foot shorter than I am due to the uneven group, heh:

The main point of these retreats, of course, is to get lots of writing done. And it was a success there as well — I am now more than 100 pages into the sequel to Earth & Sky!

Hear the words from the author’s mouth

Toronto area folks! Next Wednesday I’m going to be participating in the Chiaroscuro Reading Series. Stop by to hear me read from the Fallen World trilogy (possibly including a sneak peak from book 3!), as well as Michael Kelly and Amanda Leduc. It’s from 8pm-11pm, August 14th, at The Augusta House, 152A Augusta Ave, 2nd floor.

For more details, and if you’d like to RSVP, check out the Facebook event page.

Picking up the pieces

If you’re curious to hear more of my thoughts from behind the scenes of the Fallen World Trilogy, I have a guest post up over at Christy’s Love of Books discussing the ways people might pick up the pieces after a catastrophe. You might even find some hints there as to what’s in store in book 3…

Oh, and you can enter to win the paperback of The Way We Fall, too! :)

Japan 2013: Day Seventeen

Our last full day in Japan! Our primary outing was to the Edo Tokyo Museum, which we missed last time because it was closed after the earthquake. We were particularly impressed by the incredibly detailed miniature models, like this one of the historical area around Ryogoku Bridge:

Japan 2013: Day Sixteen

Luck was with us for our trip partway up Mt. Fuji. There was rain in the forecast, but it stayed dry the whole time we were there, and often even sunny! Which allowed me to get one clear shot of the peak (yes, that’s snow still clinging to the crevices):

Japan 2013: Day Fifteen

We attempted to see the view from the new Sky Tree today, but hadn’t anticipated just how busy the place would be on a sunny weekend — we would have had a three hour wait. Instead, I took a pic from the outside and we went on to do other things ;) :

Japan 2013: Day Twelve

No pics from yesterday as it was mainly a travel day. But now we are in Tokyo for the last week of the trip! Our main venture today: journeying out to Mitaka to revisit the Ghibli Museum, watched over by this massive Totoro: