Coveting: Space clothes

I guess it should be obvious from my upcoming trilogy that I am a fan of things space-related. It should also be obvious to anyone who’s talked clothes with me that I am a huge ModCloth devotee. (If you ever compliment me on a dress I’m wearing, there is a 90% chance I cheerfully inform you, “It’s from ModCloth!”) These two loves frequently collide, because ModCloth has a rather large selection of space-themed clothing. I’ve managed to pick up a few items, but my non-self-replenishing wallet and my lack of speediness have left me coveting many others. For example…

I so wanted to wear this Just Be Cosmic dress for the Earth & Sky launch party. Is it not gorgeous? And it is the perfect cut for me. And the stars glow in the dark, people. How awesome is that?

Unfortunately I didn’t come across it until it was already sold out in any size there was any hope of fitting me, and now it appears to be gone forever. *sob* If anyone ever sees a medium for sale somewhere, give me a shout and the link, will you?

I’ve also had my eye on this Aerospace Engineer tunic…

Which has an equally cool print and some spiffy Star Trek-esque styling. And this The Way I Galaxy It dress…

Oooh. It’s lovely too.

Possibly the coolest space clothing still on the site, though — which I would be all over if my feet weren’t so weirdly shaped I have enough trouble finding shoes when I can try them on:

The Aerospace Cadet boot. Excuse me while I drool a little.

What have you been coveting lately?

Picturing Earth & Sky‘s characters

With Earth & Sky‘s release just a few weeks away, I thought I’d introduce you to some of the characters. Or, at least, approximately what I imagine those characters look like.

If you’d rather form your own mental images without interference, this is your cue to stop reading. ;)


Earth & Sky‘s main character, Skylar, looks a lot like That 70s Show-era Laura Prepon:

Although Skylar’s hair is not as red — mostly brown, like here:

Win is on the receiving end of looks like this rather a lot early on in the story:


Win was the character I could first picture clearly — I immediately thought of Luke Pasqualino from the UK Skins (with added bonus, he has the correct accent too):

For the most of the book, he does not get to be quite that relaxed. This would be closer to his more frequent emotional state:


Skylar’s best friend Angela could be portrayed by Devon Seron, and is generally just as cheerful as you see here:


The leader of Win’s rebel group, Jeanant, is a ringer for Sendhil Ramamurthy (in earlier drafts of the book, Skylar had a crush on him, and I’d imagine you can see why):


The Enforcer who pursues Skylar and Win through time and around the world is a pretty close match for Tilda Swinton a la the picture below, although Kurra has pale gray eyes (and would be wearing rather different clothing):


Jeanant’s second in command and the woman directly in charge of Win’s group, Thlo, has a very similar look to Joan Chen (and this would be a rather typical expression):


Win’s antagonizing colleague, Jule, who has a more prominent role in the rest of the trilogy, is represented in my files by Lee Thompson Young, who I was sad to discover has recently passed on:

He can be charming when he wants to be:

There you have it! If you’ve read the book, let me know whether my images fit yours, or whether you have alternate ideas (or ideas for characters not currently pictured). :)

Earth & Sky Toronto Launch Party

I’m pleased to invite you all to the Toronto book launch party for Earth & Sky!

It will be taking place, with full thematic appropriateness, at Story Planet (1165 Bloor St. West, just west of Dufferin), on Sunday November 2nd starting at 1:30pm. There will be books for sale (which I will be happy to sign), interstellar refreshments to munch on, and swag to grab.

RSVP on Facebook here:

For those not in the Toronto area, never fear, I will also be hosting an online launch party on the release date, Oct 28th. Details forthcoming!

On timelines and word counts

To give you some idea of what my schedule is like for the Earth & Sky trilogy with its every-six-months release dates: I just finished writing the second draft of book three. I’ll be turning the end of the trilogy in to my editors for their feedback before the beginning is even out in stores. Whee!

But I won’t be turning it in right away. See, I have this tendency with drafts to underwrite the first draft (to just get it all down as quickly as possible because urgh I hate rough drafting) and then overwrite a little on the second draft to compensate for all the elements I should have expanded on before. But in this particular case, the word “little” would be somewhat inaccurate. In that I have gone 30K past the first draft’s word count. Which I suspect is a little too much, heh.

I foresee some time at the chopping block in my near future.