THE LIVES WE LOST Library Giveaway!

I still have some author copies of The Lives We Lost on hand, which I’d love to see find happy homes. :) And I’ve gotten so much enthusiasm and support from librarians this year that I want to give something back, especially since I know many of you are dealing with cutbacks.

So! Library professionals, this giveaway is specifically for you. If your patrons have read The Way We Fall and would like to get their hands on the sequel, or you have it but want to add an extra copy to your collection, or you’re just getting started with the series, it’s all good. I have five hardcover copies up for grabs:

1. The giveaway is open to anyone who works for a library–public, private, or school–and can add the book to the library’s collection. Library patrons and students, if you’d like one of those books to go to your library, just pass this post on and encourage them to enter!

2. I will happily sign the books (either a general signature, or personalized to your library), or not, as you prefer.

3. To enter, just fill out the form below, including the name of your school or library (I will only mail winning copies to the school or library address to ensure they’re going to a library).

4. Librarians from anywhere in the world welcome! Though the copies I have are all the English version.

5. Five copies in this case means five libraries get one each, not one library getting five. In case there was any confusion. :)

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The giveaway is open until the end of next week (Nov 1st). Good luck!

Movie rec: Gravity

One of the questions I get asked most often about The Way We Fall is why I decided to write it in journal format. My answer is that I was trying to get across the tension of the situation in an immediate way, hoping that readers would feel they were there with Kaelyn day by day as her world fell apart.

My husband and I went to see Gravity today, and afterward I thought of that. Because Gravity manages to do in film format what I was attempting to in my book: the power of the movie is that it immerses you in the experience so well you can feel what it might be like to be adrift in space yourself. (At least, I found it worked very well — I highly suggest seeing it in IMAX 3D if you can.) I left the theater feeling rather breathless.

So if you like stories that have that effect, go check it out! And I’d be interested to hear any other books, movies, etc. you’ve come across that gave you that immersive experience.

Update on the Chicago reader meet-up

As a follow-up to my last post, I now have a time and place for the impromptu Chicago reader meet-up! If you’d like to visit while I’m in the city, stop by the Argo Tea at 1 N. Dearborn St (at Madison) in the Loop on Sunday Oct 13th at 3pm. I expect to be hanging out there for about an hour, and am happy to chat will all and any readers. :) Just look for a noticeably pregnant lady who resembles my author photo.

Chicago book fans?

Hey Chicagoans! I’m going to be visiting your fine city for the first time this Columbus Day weekend. I don’t have any official events lined up (it’s mainly a mini writing retreat trip), but I am planning on taking some time away from work to explore the city, and would love to arrange a meet-up with any readers and Fallen World fans in the area, to chat, sign books for those who’d like, share some swag, and other fun things. :)

If you’d be up for that, comment here or email me!

Bookmarks up for grabs

Since finishing my last scheduled author appearance of the year last week, I realized I still have a significant number of Fallen World bookmarks on my hands, and for next year I’ll have new bookmarks with the whole trilogy on them. So I wanted to offer my remaining bookmarks to any librarians, booksellers, book bloggers, or other bookish folk who’d like to hand them out to their patrons/shoppers/followers/etc.

I’ve already gotten a couple requests, but still have enough for a few more. The bookmarks are the same as the one you see in the photo below (bookplates and magnets not included):

If you’d like a bunch to spread around, please comment below or email me! :)

Fallen World updates

I have been busy busy busy on the web today. First of all, I can now share the final cover of The Worlds We Make!

So pretty. *pets* Feel free to share wherever you like! :D

And because I have the official cover, you can see it all over my website, particularly on the new The Worlds We Make page, which also has your first chance to read the full jacket flap copy. (Warning: Contains spoilers if you haven’t yet read The Lives We Lost.)

You can also check out The Worlds We Make‘s unofficial soundtrack down at the bottom of the Soundtracks page.

As well as some gorgeous new foreign covers, including a few for The Lives We Lost.

The trilogy ends in less than five months! Getting excited? Remember you can get inside info and chances to win prizes by joining the Fallen World Street Team.

Where I’ll be next week!

To give Toronto area folks a heads up, I’m going to be making a couple of appearances around the city next week.

On Sunday Sept 22, I’ll be participating in Word On The Street, which is taking place from 11am to 6pm in Queen’s Park Circle. My panel, with fellow YA authors Maureen McGowan and Eve Silver, is at 3pm at the This Is Not The Shakespeare Stage, and we’ll be talking about the alternate realities we created in our books. Should be a fun discussion!

On Friday Sept 27, I’ll be hanging out at Chapters Bayview from 5pm to 7pm as part of their Teacher Appreciation Day. Teachers (and possibly other folks too — you can check to confirm) will get an additional discount on any books they purchase, and of course I’m happy to sign for, give out swag to, and chat with any readers who stop by. :)

Hope to see you at one or both!

Where I was last week…

This past week, my in-person critique group fled the city on our annual writing retreat. This year, we stayed in this lovely cottage just south of Tobermory on Lake Huron:

We had a gorgeous view of the lake from the deck:

And it got warm enough one day that a few of us even ventured into the (rather chilly) water. :) We also got to witness some beautiful sunsets, like the following:

And as per tradition, on the last day everyone was present, we took a group photo down by the water. It was rather windy, as you might notice. And I ended up looking about half a foot shorter than I am due to the uneven group, heh:

The main point of these retreats, of course, is to get lots of writing done. And it was a success there as well — I am now more than 100 pages into the sequel to Earth & Sky!

Hear the words from the author’s mouth

Toronto area folks! Next Wednesday I’m going to be participating in the Chiaroscuro Reading Series. Stop by to hear me read from the Fallen World trilogy (possibly including a sneak peak from book 3!), as well as Michael Kelly and Amanda Leduc. It’s from 8pm-11pm, August 14th, at The Augusta House, 152A Augusta Ave, 2nd floor.

For more details, and if you’d like to RSVP, check out the Facebook event page.

Picking up the pieces

If you’re curious to hear more of my thoughts from behind the scenes of the Fallen World Trilogy, I have a guest post up over at Christy’s Love of Books discussing the ways people might pick up the pieces after a catastrophe. You might even find some hints there as to what’s in store in book 3…

Oh, and you can enter to win the paperback of The Way We Fall, too! :)