Signed copies of Those Who Lived

For those who were interested in getting a signed copy of Those Who Lived, my Fallen World short story collection, I now have my first batch of finished copies and shipping costs confirmed!

(Listed prices include the cost of the book + the cost of shipping)

I can send within Canada for $12.

I can send to the US for $18.

I can send internationally for $21 (surface mail, may take several weeks) or $28 (letter mail, should get just about anywhere within a week).

I should be able to offer a lower price per book to the US and internationally if you want more than one or order with a local friend, since the shipping is the main cost, so feel free to ask about that.

If you expect to see me at a Toronto meet-up or one of my appearances, ask me to bring a copy for you and it’ll only cost you $8.

Unfortunately the paperback version is not yet available on, but honestly, with the exchange rate it could end up costing you around $12 on there anyway, so if you’re in Canada and want the paperback, signed or not, it may be easiest just to order from me. If you’d rather buy it from an official source, I expect it’ll be up there in the next month or two!

To request a signed copy and make payment arrangements (I can take Paypal or check), please e-mail me.

A winter holidays offer!

With the winter holidays approaching, I’m pleased to be offering a little token of appreciate to those who enjoy my books — and who want to share them with others. :)

It’s very simple. From now (Nov 25) through December 25th, if you buy any of my books as a present to yourself or to someone else, I will send you a signed bookplate to turn that book into an autographed copy.

What is a bookplate? Well, mine look like this:

And I sign them with a little message and personalization if requested (to whichever name you’d like), just as I would if I was signing the actual book.

What if you’d prefer to get/give ebooks? Not a problem! I’m happy to send a personalized and signed bookplate just as a collector’s item, or I could sign a bookmark for you if you’d prefer that.

How many bookplates/bookmarks can you request? One for every book you buy! You could get one for yourself and gift several others, and I’ll send a nice stack of bookplates (or bookmarks, if preferred) to cover all of them.

How do you go about requesting your bookplate(s)? First, buy whichever books of mine you’d like to get or give. In the US, they can all be found on Amazon and on Powells, or you can find a local indie through Indiebound. In Canada, try Chapters-Indigo or McNally Robinson or your neighborhood indie. International folks may find BookDepository is their best bet.

Then, e-mail me with 1) your name and mailing address, 2) the name of the person (if any) you’d like each book signed to, and 3) proof of purchase. If you’ve bought the book(s) in a physical store, you can take a photo of the receipt and attach that. If you’ve bought them online, you can send a screenshot (instructions here).

That’s all there is to it!

What if I want the actual book signed? Unfortunately there’s no easy way for me to arrange that… in most circumstances. If you live, work, or go to school in the Toronto area, I may be able to meet up to sign books — you’re welcome to e-mail me to check. There should also be signed copies available at Mabel’s Fables, Chapters South London, and Chapters Brampton. And you can always come see me at The Bookshelf in Guelph on December 7th!

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Happy holidays!

Earth & Sky Live Chat – December 3rd!

Hey Earth & Sky readers! I’m scheduling a live chat on Wednesday December 3rd from 8-9pm EST (may go later if there’s enough interest). As with the launch party, I’ll be posting a link to the chat room here on my blog and on the Facebook event page (where you can RSVP if you so desire) shortly before the chat starts.

I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions about Earth & Sky. I’m also open to sharing some info about what’s to come in books 2 and 3. And you can chat with fellow readers as well, of course!

Since this chat is specifically for discussing the book, the conversation may contain spoilers for Earth & Sky. So if you’d like to join in but having finished reading yet, you’ve got a week and a half to get on it! :)

Available in stores and online at:
Amazon ~ Chapters/Indigo ~ B&N ~ Powells ~ BookDepository (international)

Attention, Fallen World fans — new book!

I have been sitting on this news for a while (and slowly sharing bits and pieces with the Fallen World mailing list :) ), and I’m so excited to finally share it with all of you!

When The Worlds We Make first came out, I couldn’t help reading some of the reviews (I’m always curious to see how readers respond). I noticed several people commenting that they wished they’d gotten more after the ending–about what had happened to certain characters’ whose fates we hadn’t seen, about what would happen next to others. I knew that Kaelyn’s story had ended in what felt like the right place to me, so I wasn’t tempted to write more of her journey, but the thought started to niggle at me: What about the rest of the characters? What tales would they have to tell? An idea sparked, and then another, and I found myself jotting down notes for three stories from the perspectives of Tessa, Drew, and Leo. And then I found myself writing those stories. And liking them.

And now I can share them with whomever wants to read them!

On December 2nd, as my early Christmas present to Fallen World trilogy fans, I’ll be releasing Those Who Lived, containing Tessa, Drew, and Leo’s stories, in both ebook and paperback format.

A collection of stories giving a new voice to three characters from Megan Crewe’s Fallen World trilogy, and a glimpse of life beyond The Worlds We Make.

“Carry the Earth” – When Kaelyn’s news about the vaccine stirs up unrest at the artists’ colony, Tessa struggles to protect the sanctuary she’s carefully constructed.

“Trial by Fire” – Drew tackles a new assignment that not only puts him at odds with his most vicious colleague and his life on the line, but may also determine the entire future of the Wardens.

“Water Song” – After he convinces a boy to leave his sick mother, Leo commits to helping the now hostile kid settle into life with the surviving islanders while confronting his own self-doubts.

The ebook is already available for preorder here. For the first three months it will be exclusive to Amazon, which means it should be available through the Kindle Lending Library and Kindle Unlimited programs from the release date as well. If you wish for a different ebook format, let me know so I can keep that in mind for after those three months.

The paperback should be available for preorder shortly via the same Amazon listing, as well as other Createspace channels.

Other information of interest:

1. When I say “short stories,” what I really mean is “shorter than a novel.” There’s a reason I don’t usually do short. 😛 Tessa’s story clocks in at about 40 pages in standard manuscript format and Drew and Leo’s at around 70 each. So this collection is only about a third shorter than the novels in the trilogy.

2. The books come not only with the stories, but also a full-page illustration of each character, done by my longtime friend Ludi Price, who I have been wanting to work with on a published book since she did some illustrations for an online story I wrote waaaay back in 2000. The pictures have turned out so well–I can’t wait for you to see them!

3. I have two paperback proofs of the book that I can offer to reviewers. These were early “drafts” of the paperback in that I was working out some of the formatting and cover options–the story text is exactly the same as the finished version, but they have a few formatting errors, the cover isn’t exactly the same, and they don’t include the illustrations. If you’d like one of those proofs in exchange for an honest review, please let me know, along with a link to your blog or Amazon/Goodreads reviewer account. The one essential criterion is that you’ve already read and reviewed the three books in the trilogy.

4. If you would like a signed and personalized copy of the final paperback, I can provide that for at a slightly higher cost than buying direct through Amazon. I’ll need to check the exact mailing costs once I have the finished copies, but based on my current estimates, to cover the cost of the books themselves (at my author discount + the shipping to me) and the shipping to you, I am guessing I’d need to ask for $11 in Canada, $15 to the US, and (if you’re really eager) $25 internationally. Comment here or email me if you think you’d be interested in that, which’ll help me decide how many copies to order in.

5. In case that isn’t obvious, because these stories are all set after the trilogy, they contain spoilers for all the major events through The Worlds We Make. If you haven’t finished the trilogy yet, I highly recommend that you do before reading these. But if you don’t mind being spoiled (or possibly confused–I don’t recap past events in a lot of detail since these weren’t intended to stand alone), feel free to dive in anyway!

Just two weeks until launch! So looking forward to hearing what you think. :)

Earth & Sky live chat!

During the launch party live chat, several readers asked if I could set up another chat for us to talk about Earth & Sky after they’d had the chance to read it. That sounded like a lot of fun to me, so it is happening!

You’ll be able to discuss the book with me and other readers, and also to find out some inside info on the rest of the trilogy. :)

First, though, I need to determine which date the most people can make it to. So if you’d like to join in, please let me know on which of the following days you’d likely be available between 7pm and 9pm EST:

On what day could you participate in a live chat? free polls

I’ll announce the date and definite time next week!

International blog tour!

The Canadian blog tour for Earth & Sky has wrapped up, and now it’s time for the international version! Over the next two weeks, you’ll be able to find interviews, guest posts, and/or reviews at the following blogs:

Nov 4 – Book Hounds YA (interview and review)
Nov 5 – Books and Bark (guest post)
Nov 6 – Curling Up With A Good Book (guest post)
Nov 7 – A Life Bound By Books (guest post)
Nov 10 – Fic Fare (interview and review)
Nov 11 – Katie’s Book Blog (interview and review)
Nov 12 – A Dream Within A Dream (interview and review)
Nov 13 – The Book Smugglers (guest post)
Nov 14 – Wondrous Reads (excerpt)

And to go with this blog tour, I’m holding one last big international giveaway for the fall! My third and final Kindle Paperwhite with custom case (and Earth & Sky ebook) is up for grabs, along with nine paperback copies of the novel. You can find the Rafflecopter entry form at each stop. And note that you can enter by commenting once per day, which means you can get extra entries if you follow the tour and comment all the stops. :)

Happy reading!

Announcing the Aliens and Apocalypse tour!

I’ve been sitting on this news for a while and am excited to be able to share it! I’m going on tour around southern Ontario with three awesome YA science fiction authors: R.J. Anderson, Maureen McGowan, and Eve Silver. At each stop we’ll be holding a discussion about our stories and YA science fiction, answering reader questions, signing our books, and giving out swag.

Feel free to share our tour poster to spread the news:

And you can RSVP on the Facebook event pages:
Chapters London – Nov 8, 2pm
Chapters Barrie – Nov 9, 2pm
Chapters Brampton – Nov 22, 2pm
The Bookshelf (Guelph) – Dec 7, 2pm

I hope those of you who can’t come see me this Sunday at my Toronto launch will be able to drop on somewhere along the tour! :)